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We are each a critical player in something bigger than ourselves. When we realize our fullest potential, we become unstoppable. I deliver the robust and holistic therapeutic coaching that empowers growth-oriented individuals, influential leaders, and modern companies to transcend their perceived limitations, answer their call to courage, and achieve their big vision – procuring lasting transformation.


Focus on Your Potential

As a licensed psychotherapist, I ran a successful therapy practice for more than two decades. I ignited therapeutic coaching to help my clients focus on their potential for expanded leadership, awareness and transformation through the insightful tools of psychotherapy combined with the powerful techniques of coaching.

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Are you ready to experience powerful, transformational healing & growth?
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Experience a Unique Blend of Psychology, Therapy and Coaching in One

As your Integrated Therapeutic Coach and a trusted guide, I help you cultivate an exceptional version of yourself and experience greater joy in your personal and professional life. Through one-on-one coaching, interactive women's and leadership group coaching sessions, immersive retreats, and customized workshops and retreats, I provide a safe and supportive relationship for you to move beyond obstacles and experience growth in alignment with your core values and goals.™

As a Brené Brown Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, I can help you empower your staff, amplify your leadership and transform your business. Contact me about creating a Dare to Lead™ program or customizing a signature Laptop Leadership™ experience for your team or organization.

Open the Door to Daring Success

Work with me to create a highly experiential, custom program, workshop, or retreat for your organization.
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Develop Lasting Transformation

Over time, we become so habituated to our way of thinking that it takes a lot of undoing to clearly see and embrace new possibilities for ourselves. I use a range of therapeutic modalities to help you tackle the obstacles that interfere with your success so you can step into your truth and develop lasting transformation. You'll learn to change your thinking, release old patterns and habits, and create new rituals for personal and professional growth.

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