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Through custom-crafted programs and workshops based on my unique Integrated Therapeutic Coaching approach and Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ framework, I can help empower YOU, amplify your leadership and transform your business.

My passion is working with diverse groups of individuals, who choose to problem solve, create transformation, and develop deeper connections.  I also create offsite retreats whereby the shared ‘time away’ from their normal environment and routine helps develop necessary growth within a team.

As a Certified Facilitator in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ curriculum, I offer tailor-made leadership workshops for your entire organization. This could be a half-day staff development workshop or weekend retreat. I create and facilitate my work based on the unique goals and time parameters established by each group.

Who I Work With

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Open the Door to Daring Success

In her latest research, Brené Brown found that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable and observable. Her Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage-building skills to help individuals, teams and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership.

As a certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, I customize the Dare to Lead framework to the needs of your organization. The Unstoppable Leadership Experience includes virtual trainings with exclusive Brené Brown videos, interactive facilitation and practical activities for developing courage, communication, connection and daring leadership.

Your people will learn to:

  • Rumble with Vulnerability: Face risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure with courage and clarity.
  • Live into Their Values: Identify, operationalize and practice the beliefs that we hold most important.
  • Brave Trust: Create or deepen their connections in relationships and teams based on the seven elements of trust.
  • Learn to Rise: Learn and grow from the failures, setbacks and disappointments that are inevitable when we are brave with our lives.

Individuals who successfully complete 24 hours of the Dare to Lead™ program can receive a certificate of completion and the Dare to Lead™ Trained badge for their LinkedIn account.

Let’s Teach Your Teams About Courage

Contact me about bringing the Dare to Lead™ program to your team.

Customize An Emotional Fitness™ Program

Emotional Fitness programs are informed by the Dare to Lead™ framework and incorporate a range of my signature offerings, customized to the needs of your organization.

The following focus topics can be integrated into your customized Emotional Fitness experience:

When we talk about Emotional Fitness in the workplace, we're referring to skills that help people manage their emotions so they can make better decisions and engage with others more effectively. These skills include self-awareness, effective communication, empathy, and resilience—the four pillars of Emotional Fitness.

How to Cope with Anxiety post Pandemic

Many of you have experienced anxiety - it can be a voice in your head that keeps you small, scared and doubtful. It's a voice that says you've got nothing worthwhile to give and that what we want to share won't add value. This anxious inner bully can stand in your way and keep you hidden and silent – and hold you back from sharing your genius.

Emotional Fitness programs can help your teams:

  • Overcome doubts, fears, limiting beliefs
    and insecurities
  • Fire your Inner Bully at Work
  • Cultivate a healthier relationship with anxiety
  • Upgrade skills and competencies
  • Develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Restore a sense of balance and equilibrium
  • Resolve issues from the pandemic and move forward
  • Experience the benefits of being in integrity

While virtual programs can dull the senses, I use Zoom in a very intentional, soulful way to reinvigorate your people and help them connect to your company’s values.

I deliver live, online Emotional Fitness™ programs to teams of all sizes.