Own Your BRILLIANCE™ Annual Weekend Retreat

November 1 - 4, 2024
Thursday - Sunday

A four-day, small-group, pampered experience of empowered self-care. You’ll join a group of conscious women in a relaxing and creative environment.  You will experience my unique Integrated Therapeutic Coaching, creative exploration, movement and transformation in person. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed, reawakened and ready to engage with the world with renewed intention and energy. By invitation only.

Join us for a LIFE-owning experience.


Investment: $222/month
Duration: 1 hour/week; ongoing
When: Every Wednesday, 12:00pm pst
Format: Live group coaching via Zoom

This ongoing program is always open to new and past participants and includes:
- Weekly live group coaching sessions via Zoom

- Membership in the Own Your BRILLIANCE™ Mighty Networks Community

-Membership includes a private executive therapeutic coaching session

A community of like-minded women learning tools to transform their lives both personally and professionally.

Stay awake, aware and intentional with your Big VISION™ for the year. In this highly interactive and on-camera, weekly group coaching session, I hold space to serve mind, body and soul so you can manifest lasting transformation. Each month incorporates a specific theme, and sessions are full of powerful tools to make sure you keep your biggest vision of yourself solidly in place.

  • Design a mind-blowing plan that guarantees you’ll meet or exceed your biggest goals this year – and do so as part of a supportive community.
  • Receive coaching that keeps you on track and breaks down inner blocks and barriers that keep you stuck in neutral.
  • Celebrate wildly when you bring your vision to life.

“I always leave group coaching as if it were designed just for me.”

Own Your YEAR™ Daylong Program

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Own Your BRILLIANCE™ Weekly Program

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Own Your BRILLIANCE™ Lifeshops™ & Retreats

Experience Deep-Dive Retreats!

As a healer, psychotherapist, coach and creative spirit, I often bring artistic exploration to my in-person retreats, which are famous for the deep-dive and igniting connection to self. My retreats are immersive experiences of powerful transformation, and take place in luxury accommodations with delicious food, embodied practices and real talk designed to help you open up to change with ease and joy.

Available by invitation only, Own Your BRILLIANCE™ Retreats build on the Own Your BRILLIANCE™ women's group coaching program. If you're interested in my luscious, empowered self-care retreats, join the OYB community or let me know you're interested!

Experience Powerful Group Coaching- Just for Women

Designed just for women, I bring the same integrated therapeutic approach to group coaching that I offer to my one-on-one clients. The difference is that we're able to share our experiences and learn from one another in an open format, while using the group environment to encourage conscious choice and commitment to manifesting change.

When we set intentions that build on our strengths and potential, rather than focusing on our limitations, healing and growth happen exponentially. When we learn to quiet our inner bully, trust our inner wisdom, and courageously live into our values, our personal and professional lives are transformed and we are able to reach our fullest potential.

Whether you join my annual kick-off, Own Your YEAR™ my ongoing program, Own Your BRILLIANCE™ or take part in one of my half- or full-day workshops and retreats, you'll get to be with a community of like-minded women, learning tools and strategies to transform their lives, both personally and professionally.

Empowered Self-Care, Deep-Dive Exploration™

Throughout the year, I offer interactive, women's group-coaching experiences on a variety of topics, both virtually and in-person. From half-day to full-day sessions, I bring my Integrated Therapeutic Coaching and my work as a Dare to Lead™ Facilitator to a focused topic to help you release old patterns and habits, create new rituals for personal and professional growth - and lasting transformation.

Contact me if you're interested in joining my Own Your BRILLIANCE™ community.

Topics Include

Manifestation Magic – Think of your future self in six months. How does she carry herself? What is she spending her days doing? Manifestation is when you feel the future in your mind, body and heart. Learn to overcome past behaviors and thought processes and create a mindset practice that aligns your everyday thoughts and attention to your vision for your future.

Fire Your Inner Bully – Many of us have a voice in our head that keeps us small, scared and doubtful. Start paying attention to what your inner bully says to you. Clear out old beliefs and make a conscious commitment to create a new way of talking to yourself with loving, kind, powerful statements that remind you of your deepest truth.

Becoming Visible – Are you the best-kept secret in your field? Learn to step up, step out and share your big, bold knowing without being afraid – or feeling icky or obnoxious about sharing your real self. Cultivate a practice that attracts your ideal clients, elevates your business and aligns beautifully with who you really are.