Creating Your Circle of Trusted Advisors

August 22, 2018
June 16, 2021

The Wall Street Journal has a section called Personal Board of Directors. Several top executives share their stories, along with their “most trusted advisors.”

Who are your trusted advisors?

Who is on your personal board of directors?

A client's recent reflection captured how our work has impacted him:

"It's not lost on me the powerful work we are doing. I came here successful in my business but my personal life was falling apart. You have helped me get in touch with what really matters to me. I have ignored it for far too long. I was duty bound for so long. Now I am enjoying success personally and professionally. Both matter."

RDM, Real Estate Developer, SF

A trusted advisor can take many forms. We have many circles in our lives, of which we are in the center. Close in toward us are a circle of those who we interact with closely on a daily basis.

These can be your partner or spouse, your immediate colleagues, your parents, and children. Often these relationships are intimate and honest, more so than those which require a more professional basis. These advisors build us up as well as challenge us, giving us a mirror and clear reflection of our values and how we align with them. Because these are our first circle, we get to work and grow in these relationships every day.

As we move further out, we find coaches, therapists, teachers, circles and support groups with which we gather. Many of us have incredible managers who help us grow, either by their motivation and passion or perhaps by teaching us how to deal with people with whom we disagree.

Our outer circle may consist of owners of the companies we work for, or even authors and people we may not know, but who we are profoundly influenced and inspired by.

Our trusted advisor circle can draw from any of these groups of people with whom we choose to make our lives and conduct our business. These people are those who hold us accountable for what we say we will do and how we will show up in our work. Their very presence can bring a spark of drive and motivation into our souls. They give advice when warranted, but know when to step back and allow us to go through our process of learning.

As an Executive Therapeutic Coach, I strive to be a trusted advisor for all those with whom I work. When talking about business and personal struggles in the same conservation, we strive to reach a balance between inner work and outer work. There is no real separation. How we do one thing is often how we do most things. There isn’t a real difference between “life” and “work,” because the more integrated we become, we realize that what we are doing is simply our “life’s work.” When we work from this place of wholeness, we understand the full potential of our circles of influence and inspiration. Are you ready to expand? I would love to have a conversation and see how we might work together.

As your Executive Therapeutic Coach, I help you become aware of past pain points and old patterns to create new, healthy behaviors and ways of thinking.

ETC is a unique combination of therapy and coaching and allows high functioning clients hope and concrete strategies to move their dreams forward. I also help you uncover the limiting beliefs that sabotage you so that they can be consciously swapped out for those beliefs that serve you.

Please let me know how I can support would be my pleasure.

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