How to Stop Getting in Your ‘Own’ Way By Owning Your LIFE.

June 28, 2022
January 24, 2024

Did you ever try to reach a goal in your life, but it just seemed impossible to get there? Do you often feel frustrated about the enormous gap between where you are currently and where you (really) want to be? Does the pressure of not being good enough, attractive enough, productive enough, healthy, or wealthy enough keep dragging you down? 

We're talking about how Owning Your LIFE is key to achieving your full BRILLIANCE. It's all about understanding where you're getting in your own way, where your mind-body practice is hindering you, and where it can support you. It's about your FULL life, about taking care of yourself, so you can truly live the way you want to and express the brilliance that lies within you. 

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you're tired of feeling scared, stressed, and doubtful, it's time for you to accept every part of your being by learning how to tap into your own mind-body connection so you can (re)own your body, mind, soul, and empowered self-care practices. 

Learn How to Connect To Your Inner Wisdom

How many times have you wished you had listened to yourself instead of making the most logical decision based on your rational thinking? 

We've all experienced that particular feeling, deep within, that guides us in the direction of what feels right. The challenge is this: although the inner voice is always available to us, it often gets overpowered by the louder contributions of the outside world. This is why when you start practicing how to get really still you can pay close attention to what your innermost wisdom has to say. It's there for a reason. It's the part of you that knows exactly what you need and don't need in your life. And if you're brave enough to trust it, it will guide and redirect you, when life starts feeling off course, back to your center of deep truth.

So how can you connect to your inner wisdom? Practicing empowered self-care practices daily gets to become a priority in your life, even when life gets busy (especially then!). It doesn't have to be a perfect meditation practice. It's more about learning how to press the pause button and get away from all the distractions and outside influences.

Take at least five to ten minutes a day to connect with yourself, take a walk, spend some time in nature, and think about the things you're grateful for. It sounds cliché, and it works! The fascinating thing about life is that small, ordinary practices and habits lead to extraordinary changes and accomplishments. So, if you want to manifest lasting change and courageously show up as your authentic self in all areas of your life, stay committed to finding the time for self-care - this be still because stillness is the most powerful place to allow your inner wisdom a voice.

Fire Your Inner Bully and Follow The Good Enough Path 

This is a question you need to ask yourself:

 "Is the way I'm talking to myself the way I would talk to the most important people in my life?"

And if not, what is it that makes it so easy to be gentle and understanding to others, but the way you're showing up for yourself is less than kind? Although it can be a hard pill to swallow, if the voice in your head keeps beating you down, this is where the cause of all the dissatisfaction, procrastination, and self-sabotage in your life likely lies. We all have those areas where we feel like we're falling short, and it's the perfect place for our inner bully to show up. 

Take some time to think about different aspects of your life and write down your beliefs around them. You'll be surprised at how much of your inner dialog is negative, harsh, and toxic. This is why you need to start paying attention to what your inner bully wants you to believe. 

Once you become aware of your negative self-talk and chatter in your mind, you'll be able to clear out old beliefs and make a conscious commitment to create a new way of talking to yourself with loving, kind, powerful statements that remind you of your deepest wisdom. A good place to start is to wake up and write down your gratitudes, intentions and affirmations, (in alignment with what you want to manifest). This will help you remind yourself to nourish the most important relationship in your life - the one you have with yourself. And you want to make sure it's a great one! 

In the same breath, you will learn to accept all of you - your good enough is enough. So, before you start criticizing yourself for not accomplishing all of the things you wanted in a certain time frame, try to use this affirmation instead:

"I am doing my very best a little bit at the time!”

Accepting good enough and being compassionate with yourself about your good enough is a key step on the path to transformation and personal development. Once you fully embrace your good enough, you can decide where you want to step up your game and how you want to feel better. This is the right moment to start thinking of an area of your life that you want to focus on, whether it's your career, money mindset, your dreams, fun and relaxation, intellect, health and movement, and start working on the good enough habits you can implement before you get to mastery. 

By doing your best and accepting your good enough as enough, you give yourself permission to develop and grow at your own pace. This will take the weight of needing to be perfect off your shoulders and allow you to celebrate your accomplishments and personal victories, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem compared to your big life goals.

Take BIG Steps With Community Support while Practicing the Power of Accountability 

Although being gentle with yourself seems simple, it's often easier said than done. This is why taking empowered steps while holding yourself accountable is essential. 

When it comes to making any lasting change in life, you want to use the same approach you would use when trying to teach a child something new. It's a learning process and journey, not a race. And there is no need to criticize and push yourself so hard that you lose sight of the importance of enjoying the whole ride. This doesn't mean that you'll use your weaknesses as a perfect alibi and excuse, but that you'll fully embrace all of your flaws and do your best while giving life permission to take care of the rest.  

Now, let me share one more thing with you. Everyone needs support. 

Even if you're used to dealing with life's challenges and difficulties all by yourself. I've been a community builder for a very long time, and I know how huge of an impact it can have. This is the reason why I created the My Own Your BRILLIANCE™ Women’s Group Coaching program. The path to self-mastery doesn't have to feel lonely, so if you feel like you need some guidance on your transformational journey, while being a part of a community of courageous like-minded women, make sure to join us!

Last but not least, don't forget that you're already brilliant. I'm just here to provide the right tools and therapeutic approach that will help you stop dimming your light so you can finally Own Your LIFE & Your BRILLIANCE! 

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