Mrs. Smith Showed Up uninvited to my Brené Brown training.

November 20, 2019
July 19, 2021

It was an absolute privilege to spend three days with Brené Brown and other smart driven powerful change-makers.  And I walked into the training and shame was knocking at my door.  Here is what she (my inner bully) said, “Don’t be too big.  Don’t be too much.  Don’t sit in front.  Don’t complain. And for God’s sake, keep your artwork in your notebook.  Don’t try and be liked.  Don’t try and spread light.  Just sit there and learn.”  I could not fucking believe it.  I heard her so loudly.  And she did not shut up.  It’s an old download from Mrs. Smith, my 9th grade teacher/bully.  She quieted my BIG, bold self.  She told me I was the worst student she’s ever had and deep in my unconscious I believed her.  And I have continued to believe her …. until this weekend.  

So here’s what I did:   I proved Mrs. Smith WRONG, outdated and unnecessary.  I sat in front.  I drew.  I loved.  I networked.  I grew.  I boldly was ME (everyone else is taken - I love that line). I drew Brené quotes and left them on her table.  I created the most beautiful birthday card for her (LOVE that she too is a Scorpio) and included everyone.  We all signed it.  My made up story is that is overwhelmed her (she’s a self-proclaimed introvert) and that she drank in the BIGlove privately.

I left a HeartyKid for her through her fabulous assistant.  And then I changed my mind.  I gave it to her assistant instead.  You’ve gotta be BRAVE to be Brene Brown’s assistant. I gifted my game, LOVE BIG to her twin sisters….just because.

So here I am now: A certified Dare To Lead Trainer.  I am excited to incorporate her wisdom into my work and grow professionally like never before.  SCREW YOU, Mrs. Smith.

Please reach out so we can have a cup of tea and tell your Mrs. Smith where to go.

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