Quilting My Way Through Grief and Love

May 24, 2021
January 24, 2024

Quilting is a delicate art that is created one stitch at a time. It is a slow, gradual process, similar to moving through the grief process. I come from a family of artists, although I personally have only begun to claim that title in the last five years. Recently, one of my mentors told me that she used quilting to handle her own depression. I was delighted and pleasantly surprised to find that she and I share this healing modality.

Last November 2020, I lost my dad, an artist, architect, and a true mensch (Yiddish for a great guy). I have quilted regularly to help me move through the grief. A couple of years ago, my dear friend lost her son the day before his birth. I started quilting my way through the grief, in hopes for another baby. I did this to keep my hope and optimism alive. I would send her little photos of colorful squares.

Each time I completed a square, I noticed I would catch my breath. With each breath, I found strength for her and her grief. What I love about quilting is the giving and receiving aspect. In my grief I create, and with my loss, I give. And the cycle of healing helped my hurt heart. I find it gratifying to entwine pieces and textures together. Creating something out of nothing - this has been my healing.

I have my mom to thank for my crafty self. When I was a little girl, my mom had a needlepoint shop, and I remember the women gathering. It is no surprise that I also lead women's circles. (Feel free to check it out every Wednesday at noon pst OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE.). I am here to help you move through grief and loss.

Please feel free to reach out.

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