A love letter to my Dad...

June 23, 2021
January 24, 2024

February 2021 - A letter I wrote to the Boutique Director of Cartier….

Dear Anna,

I just received a letter from you - albeit a marketing piece - it feels personal.  Quite frankly, everything Cartier feels personal.  My daughter and I had an incredible Cartier experience.  Last November 21, 2020, we came to Cartier without an appointment.  My dad had given me some extra money (this was a very special treat) and asked me to buy myself and my daughters a treat to always cherish him.  My 16-year-old has wanted a LOVE ring since she was 8.  Seriously.  I couldn’t really ever justify it.  And then, my dad’s gift came.  We jumped in the car and drove to the city.  I didn’t know we needed an appointment but everyone did what they could to accommodate us.  Erin and Tyler were wonderful and I told them we would be very quick because my daughter knew exactly what she wanted.  I hadn’t planned on buying a LOVE bracelet for myself.  And then you know how Cartier makes you do fabulously outrageous things.  I treated myself because of my dad.  We called him on the way home.  He was thrilled.  We kvelled (a yiddush term for delight).  In the morning I wrote the following piece. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020.

I just got treated to a Cartier LOVE bracelet.  The promise from Cartier is ‘forever.’  This is what the bracelet gifts us.  Forever.  My dad gifted me this forever.  His love was steady and solid.  I’m not certain why I use past tense except that I am fearing that his end is close by.  I guess if any of us could choose - this 2020 shit is for the birds - especially if you’re stuck in your retirement center and the only touch or contact right now, is the angel that comes to shower you.  We miss being your angel.

My LOVE bracelet sweetly delights me each time I see it.  It is my dad.  Period.  My dad and I have always shared bracelets.  I wear his bracelet and now I have another Dad LOVE bracelet.  I cherish your LOVE and am grateful for how you modeled this virtue steadily my entire life.  You have made me into the BIGlove woman that I am. 

Anna, I simply wanted to share the BIG LOVE.  That day was one I will always remember.  My dad passed away 3 days later. 

Thank you, Cartier, for the gift of my LOVE bracelet.

In gratitude, 



PS - the lovely photo is taken by Laura Reoch with September-Days Photography

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