"If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent."

March 15, 2022
April 15, 2022

Consistency.  Why do some have it and others don't?  It's impossible to make rules.  Or is it?

I am fascinated by a 21-year-old client who has it going on in the consistency department. It's amazing. January 1, he committed to 75 hard and has not wavered. In fact, he has committed to a year of it, and I am excited to help ignite his progress and follow along.  I am not necessarily recommending this challenge; I am acknowledging my client for his consistency.

His daily practices are the foundation of his pyramid of commitment.

He is engaging mind, body, and spirit every single day.

He also found sobriety to strengthen his practices. He became sober curious. Sober curiosity gave him power.   

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy Seal officer, and author of Discipline Equals Freedom. I love his teachings, but they often feel like I am getting hit with a baseball bat. Okay, maybe that's extreme, but it lacks feminine insight. And he also, at times, hits the nail on the head.

He writes, "Where does discipline come from? This is a simple answer. Discipline comes from within. Discipline is an internal force." I believe consistency comes from the same place. Discipline and consistency are there whether they are witnessed or not. I also know that both can develop and strengthen with the proper support and accountability. I have seen people grow both in my 25 years of practice.

In group coaching I am utilizing the theme - yes, you’ve got it - CONSISTENCY.  Ask yourself this:

What am I willing to commit to daily?  

Begin right now – with a commitment to yourself.

It never gets easier to change.  What gets in the way is your mindset.  Stop thinking about it.  Stop believing your old version of yourself.  Start playing with consistency today.

Take the first step and begin right now.  Start TODAY.

The person you can best control is YOU.  Discipline yourself.

Dig into your ‘why’ and as James Clear asks in Atomic Habits, “Who do you want to become?”  That often ignites your commitment to your consistency.

You're worth it.  It begins with consistency.

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