The Art of Seeking Help: Navigating Your Inner Wisdom While Seeking External Support

January 5, 2024
January 24, 2024

Life's a dance, right? 

Sometimes, we're twirling confidently on our own; other times, we're swaying between relying on our gut feeling/wisdom and asking for outside help. This constant balancing act is where we're juggling our inner wisdom with seeking support from others. 

When your GPS gives you the wrong directions, you're left wondering if you should trust it or go with your gut feeling about which way to turn. (This recently kicked my ass, and I ended up seeing a fox twice, so of course, I looked up the meaning of the fox. And here's what I found: The fox is the helper or guide in many stories and myths. Rather than being called sneaky and cunning, they are clever, quick, and wise and are instrumental in the success of those they aid).

Not long ago, this moment made me stop and think about this tug-of-war between independence and asking for help. My gardener, who always takes such good care of my garden, came to me asking for some extra cash to cover monthly bills. It hit me hard because it wasn't a casual ask but a genuine need. It got me reflecting on what it means to be there for someone without fostering dependency. He always pays me back in time or money. Often, I don't accept payment because he gives in so many other ways.

Helping someone in need feels incredible—a reminder that we're all connected and supporting each other is just part of being human. But then, it's also tricky because you don't want to create a situation where someone constantly relies on you inadvertently. 

Finding that sweet spot between lending a hand and empowering someone to stand on their own two feet is powerful.  It reminds me of how we use props to perfect our poses in yoga. Sure, they're helpful, but the real skill is knowing when to use them and when to rely on your strength. 

The same goes for seeking guidance outside ourselves—sometimes, it is crucial, and other times, we must trust our gut instincts.

So, how do we get this balance right?

First off, it is about knowing ourselves, understanding our strengths, weaknesses, and what our inner wisdom is telling us. Regularly checking in with ourselves through mindfulness or just taking a breather helps a lot.

Secondly, learning from others' experiences and gathering information is vital. There's so much to learn from external guidance, but knowing when to filter it through our intuition is where the magic happens.

And then, of course, trusting that inner voice, those instincts we often dismiss but are usually spot on. I find it surprising how much wisdom we carry within us.

Balancing it all is the real challenge; finding that spot between being there for others and staying true to ourselves. That blend is where growth and understanding take root.

So, as we navigate life's twists and turns, may we strike that balance between supporting others, seeking guidance when needed, and trusting our inner compass.

Because OWNING YOUR LIFE means blending the wisdom from within with the support we get from the world around us.

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